Mental Health

Team Leaders

Minor League Madness is proud to partner with two of the best leaders in men’s mental health advocacy. Tyler Smith and Brady Leavold have been leading the way and starting the mental health conversations for hockey players across the World. If you are struggling, there is finally a resource for hockey players at the minor pro level.

We are providing a mental health conversation outlet for past and current members of the PHPA.

This contact form below  personally puts you in touch with Tyler Smith.

*However being a powerful resource for the players, Tyler is not a mental health expert*

Brady Leavold

Puck Support Network

Originally from Port Coquitlam B.C., 1987 born Brady Leavold used hockey to escape early childhood trauma that would be left a secret until 20 years later...

Tyler Smith

Not Alone Co.

April 6, 2018 changed our lives, in many different ways. It led me into a spiral of mental and emotional pain that I never thought would happen...

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